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Our Story

   We are passionate about true specialty tea   

One of the beauties of specialty tea is that it offers a lifetime of learning however this can be extremely overwhelming to those who are just starting out or don’t have the time to learn about the quality indicators of certain teas.

Most “tea” on the market today is terrible quality and oftentimes not even real tea.  I became frustrated trying to find true tea at an affordable price. The tea sellers that offer affordable tea usually sell awful tea and it can be very expensive to find a decent one in their catalog.

I set out to change this by starting my own tea business. I obsess over the quality of the tea I source. I sell a limited inventory and quantity, because of this I can ensure that every tea I sell is of the highest quality relative to the price.

Tea Lifted hopes to make specialty tea more accessible and in doing so lift people up through drinking tea. 

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